Analitics Created with Sketch. KID PRIIPS

The PRIIPs (Packaged Retail and Insurance-based Investment Products) Regulation aims to improve retail investor protection by: Providing basic pre-contractual information called KID (Key Information Document). The KID documents will provide you with key information on the investment product you may be interested in.

53 -Content File- (Webby) Created with Sketch. Key Investor Information Document (KIID)

A short-form "plain language" document to assist retail investors in comparing UCITS products. Introduced in July 2011, as part of the UCITS IV Directive, it was designed to replace the UCITS simplified prospectus.

54 -Calculator- (Webby) Created with Sketch. AIF/AIFM annex IV reporting

We can provide assistance to compute all metrics requested by this reporting. As the AIFM is responsible for all data sent, it is a clear advantage to be able to get these data in house even if at the end one of your custodian bank aggregates all data and send them to the regulator.

3 -Search File- (Webby) Created with Sketch. Stress test

We propose in this report market and liquidity stress test. Market stress test apply past scenario to the current portfolio or simulate shocks on some asset classes. On the liquidity side, we stress the assets liquidity and the fund redemptions in order to evaluate the adequacy between assets and liabilities.

Graph Created with Sketch. Liquidity risk report

In this report, we present the results coming from our liquidity model to isolate liquidity ladder of the portfolio, highlight most illiquid positions, and see the distribution for all securities in the portfolio.

Financial Presentation Created with Sketch. Investment limits dashboard

This synthetic report presents the results of all limits which have to be checked. Limits come from regulation, prospectus, signed mandate, additional rules coming from the ManCo or from providers. You see all results and find quickly the active or passive breaches if any.

Analitics Created with Sketch. Risk report

This report is the most comprehensive of all risk reports. It covers market risk,liquidity risk, concentration risk, credit risk, counterparty risk, currency risk, and operational risk.It is a 7 pages document illustrated with clear tables and charts.

55 -XSLX File- (Webby) Created with Sketch. Factsheet

You can easily produce your funds factsheet with reliable data from Risk Quadrant.We adapt to your template and keep it just for you.

And more…
  • UCITS bi-yearly CSSF reporting
  • Performance attribution
  • Returns table
  • MIFID EBA (asset management part)
  • Any tailor made report that you would like to setup